R+T 2018


Junkers & Müllers exhibited this year again at the R+T in Stuttgart.

Between the 27th February and the 3rd March 2018, the JM team was able to welcome numerous customers and interested parties from all over the world at its stand. The stand was exceptionally well visited on all of the days. Junkers & Müllers is extremely satisfied with the positive reaction at this year’s trade fair appearance.

PURE - sophisticated simplicity

420643_2 RO AVENSIS PRINT_78598127_xl.jpg

Junkers & Müllers will start the year once again by introducing a wide range of new products. Here, the new “pure” collection of printed roller blinds takes centre stage. “Sophisticated Simplicity” is the subtitle. And it’s spot on. The new collection book whisks us away to refined, sophisticated living environments. Clear, simple designs are given unique flair with special printing effects and elegant material finishes.
Both classic geometric designs as well as floral and ornamental patterns make up the Cottage Style range. In fresh cotton and raw linen looks, they are Scandinavian cool, yet warm and cosy.
In another theme, understated design is teamed with luxurious surface effects. Shimmering crystalline prints add dazzling details.
The “pure” motto can also be seen in the collection’s colour story.
From crisp black and white to tasteful neutral tones and finely nuanced powder colours, this is a harmonious catalogue full of new design ideas.
New to the pleated blinds collection is, among other things, a print on Opera. The refined stripe alignment creates an interesting surface structure.
Junkers & Müllers also has new products in their plain fabric range. Rialto, known for its quality as a pleated blind, is now available as a roller blind in a wide variety of colours. The semi-sheer fabric provides a good level of visual privacy while also allowing soft filtered light to shine into the room. The yarns used in the fabric form an elegant horizontal texture with a subtle sheen.
Another new development is the transformation of the successful plain Opera material into a flame-retardant fabric for roller and pleated blinds, while significantly expanding the colour palette at the same time.

“PRATO” – the new fabric

80480_10750 PL PRATO_58013182_xxl.jpg

Junkers & Müllers is adding an exciting new look to their house range collection with the Prato fabric quality. It is available as a roller, panel, vertical or pleated blind. The semi-sheer fabric is a subtle yet dynamic melange, creating a special structure and a sophisticated play of colours.
Its lightly shimmering surface accentuates the elegance and quality of the blinds.
The fabric allows a soft light to shine into the room and offers complete visual privacy as well as optimum use of daylight.
Prato is also available with a pearl coating for particularly effective light and heat reflection if desired. This option is already available for pleated blinds. Roller, panel and vertical blinds will follow in the near future.
With a colour palette ranging from soft natural tones through to cool shades of grey, the material can be seamlessly incorporated into modern home environments.

FESPA 2017

At the FESPA in Hamburg Junkers & Müllers presented a number of new textile developments.
One key aspect of those were the new materials for sublimation prints. For example the blockout article Mediatex® NERO FR convinces with its soft appearance and scratch resistance. There is no white cracking. Moreover the material is stretchable. Due to these characteristics the article is ideally suitable for applications like framing systems or banners. Not only with sublimation inks, but also with UV and latex inks, very brilliant colours can be achieved.
Moreover Junkers & Müllers presents two new articles for the interior decoration sector.
Mediatex® JM CARINA DIGITAL BLO is a blackout material, which can be used for individual prints in interior decoration, for example as roller blinds or room divider systems. The product‘s coating has been specifically developed for latex printing, so highest printing quality can be achieved on this material. As an experienced specialist for sunshading textiles and visual privacy, the company guarantees perfect hanging attributes and high dimensional stability.
Mediatex® JM OPERA shows a very textile cotton look. It is a transparent material, which can be used for roller blinds and panel tracks. The material is certified for HP-Latex inks and shows highest print quality.
All textiles for digital print from Junkers & Müllers GmbH are made in Germany and arecertified according to the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

JM Carina Digital BLO - JM’s new fabric for digitally printable roller blinds

Junkers & Müllers is now offering a new fabric specifically designed for use as an indoor window roller blind in the form of its JM CARINA DIGITAL BLO series.

Be it with a company logo for use in your office, advertisements for current products, promotions or simply with your favourite image from your last holiday, this sun protection blind for windows can be transformed into a canvas for your very own individual information and design ideas.
Digital printing is becoming increasingly prominent in the field of interior design on both a public and private level and personalised prints on wall-paper or furniture are currently all the rage. The new JM CARINA DIGITAL BLO series of digitally printable roller blind fabric from Junkers & Müllers therefore fits perfectly into this growing market.
The product's special coating has been specifically developed for latex printing, which uses inks that are water-based and are therefore odourless and environmentally friendly, a prerequisite for interior use on a long-term basis. Fine-tuning the print carrier to suit latex inks ensures that the final print offers a high colour brilliance and excellent scratch resistance.
This blackout blind provides variable shading within a room. It offers a new feature in the form of its white reverse, which acts as sun protection, providing optimal light and heat reflection. The fact that the fabric is 2.00 metres wide makes it ideal for most standard window dimensions. As an experienced specialist for visual privacy and sunshading textiles, the company guarantees perfect hanging attributes and high dimensional stability.
On top of all this, JM CARINA DIGITAL BLO is more than just a roller blind. It can also be used as a roll-up banner or as part of a room divider system.

Heimtextil 2017

Junkers & Müllers exhibited this year again at the 'Heimtextil', the international trade fair for household textiles.
Between the 10th and 13th January 2017, the JM team was able to welcome numerous customers and interested parties from all over the world at its stand.
The stand was exceptionally well visited on all of the days. Junkers & Müllers is extremely satisfied with the positive reaction at this year’s trade fair appearance.

WOW! – the new roller blind collection from Junkers & Müllers

WOW! is Junkers & Müllers’ motto for the presentation of its new ideas for sun protection textiles at the Heimtextil trade fair in January. This year's roller blind collection includes not only a multitude of fresh printed patterns but matching solid colour fabrics and sophisticated textile effects as well.
WOW! offers a lot of inspiration in two large thematic groups.
The first, “ENJOY THE GOLDEN CENTURY,” features a range of high-quality fabrics with extraordinary material effects, such as a blackout fabric with a sophisticated metallic printed design and a colour coordinated reverse. Another printed pattern displays an ornamental motif in a lightly shimmering cream or gold colour, reminiscent of oriental designs. RIALTO DECOR is a new embroidered fabric. Decorative silver threads add an extra sparkle to the extremely fine rep structure of the base fabric, with playfully curved lines coming together to form an elegant surface pattern. The jacquard fabric DAMASK is extremely grand yet also contains a number of finely crafted details, similar to baroque textile wallpaper. It is available as a blackout blind with a width of 305 cm and is also flame resistant. ATRIO is another fabric innovation being showcased at the trade fair. This elegant blend is available in semi-sheer and in blackout fabric in a range of attractive colours.
The second themed group in the new collection is titled “DISCOVER THE COLOURFUL JUNGLE” and certainly offers a lot to discover. The new printed pattern on the PRESTO base fabric is a playful interpretation of the jungle theme, with dynamic brush strokes in vibrant green shades ranging from lemon to aquamarine enlivening the fresh white background. SORISA VELVET is another new printed fabric in the collection. It uses a special print effect to give its luxuriant leaf design a 3D effect, as if the leaves are rising up out of the blind. The group also features a new burn-out design revealing the silhouettes of dainty flowers.
The extensive range found in Junkers & Müllers’ new collection book is sure to provide a WOW! effect and much, much more.

New honeycomb pleated blinds from Junkers & Müllers

Junkers & Müllers will showcase its very own Doppio collection of honeycomb pleated blinds, featuring a multitude of new products, at the Heimtextil trade fair for household textilesin January. The collection now boasts a huge range of new, high-quality fabrics available in plain colours and with printed designs.

The company's Capri Pearl blinds, which have already achieved success as conventional pleated blinds, are now also available with a honeycomb structure. Depending on the colour, the elegant material shows a subtle shimmer or a metallic finish. The interaction between the pearl highlights and the dynamic fabric structure creates an iridescent matt/sheen effect. The fresh, trendy range of colours is a source of inspiration for a variety of design ideas.
The company's new non-woven blind fabric Fiona will also be showcased at the event. It features a finely nuanced fibre structure reminiscent of Japanese washi paper. The fabric comes in an array of pale pastel shades that accentuate the Asian-inspired look and feel. But it does more than harmonize the room aesthetically: as with the company's other fabrics, the air buffer created by the honeycomb structure helps to insulate the room whilst improving its acoustics.
This base fabric will additionally be used to present two printed patterns, with both the geometric and floral designs adding a playful touch to the product’s honeycomb structure. The colours of these patterns match the pale, powdery shades of the plain colour range, thus allowing the fabrics to be combined for attractive results.
The D shape of the honeycomb structure in all of the honeycomb pleated blinds by Junkers & Müllers ensures that their pleats remain stable and even.

Junkers & Müllers is being awarded the quality seal “Innovative through Research” again

“In Germany there are 3.5 million companies, less than one percent of which are involved in research– an extremely important group” according to the Stifterverband, one of the largest private sponsors of research in Germany. “Only those who research are able to make new discoveries and achieve innovation and growth”. By awarding the “Innovative through Research” quality seal the Stifterverband Institution wants to acknowledge companies that demonstrate a particular dedication to research and development.

One of these companies is the textile manufacturer Junkers & Müllers, which manufactures exclusively in Germany.
Whether it be textiles for sunshading, fabrics for digital printing or very special technical applications, as one of the leading producers of technical textiles, the company implements visions. Here the spatial unity of development and production at the site in Mönchengladbach ensures the effective interplay of technical innovation and technological implementation. With the comprehensive in-house machine park, the company has a wide range of textile related technologies at its disposal. A team of engineers develops futuristic products and gives the possibility to realise special product ideas. Inputs and ideas from outside, for example, via international specialist symposia coupled with many years of experience in the worldwide market, form the basis for targeted development work. Over the last few years the company has invested a considerable amount in the expansion of its test equipment. That is why Junkers & Müllers is in a position to carry out a wide range of quality tests in-house. The in-house laboratory carries out material tests, for example, burn tests or test according to the air permeability. In order to test the suitability of the fabrics for specific applications, Junkers & Müllers manufactures test systems in-house. A climatic chamber is used to carry out a range of simulations to test the materials under extreme climatic conditions. At the in-house atelier, designers ensure aesthetic innovations, constantly oriented towards the current international trends. The textiles of Junkers & Müllers are more than just consumables; they are a statement of aesthetics, quality, sustainability and forward-looking product developments.