"GALLERY" for Future!


With MEDIATEX GALLERY FR Junkers and Müllers has taken another step towards sustainability! For years, the company has been mindful of the environmental impact of their products and manufacturing processes. All fabrics in the J&M collection are certified according to Oeko-Tex, are PVC-free and comply with the requirements of the REACH directive.

In the face of global climate change we wanted to do more though and are excited to announce GALLERY FR. This new product from Junkers and Müllers is composed of 100% recycled polyester from PET bottles and answers the growing demand for environmentally friendly green materials.

MEDIATEX GALLERY FR is a woven canvas that is great for art reproductions, display graphics and frame systems. This textile provides the safety and security of a B1 flame retardancy making it suitable for use in public areas. GALLERY is printable with Latex, Solvent or UV inks and is available in different widths up to 310cm (122”).

Fespa 2019


Junkers & Müllers exhibited this year again at the FESPA, the largest international wide format event.

Between the 14th and 17th May 2019, the JM team was able to welcome numerous customers and interested parties from all over the world at its stand.
The stand was exceptionally well visited on all of the days. Junkers & Müllers is extremely satisfied with the positive reaction at this year’s trade fair appearance.

JM in XXL format at the FESPA


At this year's FESPA in Munich Junkers & Müllers will cause a stir with its textile printing substrates in XXL format. The investment in a new coating line now makes it possible to coat fabrics up to 5.10 m wide. Especially in the advertising sector larger and larger surfaces are becoming interesting. The Junkers & Müllers exhibition booth will be dominated by two large-format prints of 6 x 5 meters each. One print will exhibit the quality MEDIATEX® COVERTEX FR, which is suitable for both wall covering and roll-up applications. This high-quality product with its textile fabric structure can be printed with latex, UV and solvent inks. Its gray backside can be used to cover possible dirt and paint residues on walls or just blocks enough light for roll-ups. The second large area on the exhibition stand will present the high quality backlit fabric MEDIATEX® ILLUMINANCE FR. Even at the new width of 5,10 m the highest printing quality with latex, UV and solvent inks is guaranteed.

In addition, the water- and dirt-repellent product MEDIATEX® JM AIR FR is now available in a width of 510 cm. The range of super-wide fabrics is gradually being expanded.

All qualities mentioned are flame retardant, PVC-free and certified according to the OEKOTEX® Standard 100.

Provençal style contrasts with modern wall design

hotel_daumesnil_4e etage (a).jpg

Fabrics by Junkers & Müllers in the Hôtel Daumesnil-Vincennes

The cosy Hotel Daumesnil-Vincennes is located on the eastern outskirts of Paris, near the Chateau Vincennes and only 20 minutes from the Chams-Élysées. The Bonnet family has been running this 3-star house for 35 years, with great attention to detail. In order to offer the guests a comfortable atmosphere, modernisations have been carried out repeatedly over the years. Against the background of current changes in the hospitality industry, the operators wanted to send a clear signal during the recent renovation. The new concept includes large wall cover designs with an individual style in each room. Modern digital printing makes it possible to create wall-sized motifs. The Paris-based digital printing company In Création could be enlisted as a partner. And the company name does not promise too much. Creativity is at work here. The graphic artists developed different image motifs, such as graphically designed forest landscapes, illustrative plant drawings, larger-than-life leaf structures or the appearance of raw concrete. This opens up a world of its own in every room. Large format printing was also carried out by In Création on the textile substrate Mediatex® JM AIR FR from Junkers & Müllers. This product is characterised by a number of advantages. It guarantees the highest print quality and does not exhibit stress whitening. JM AIR FR is particularly suitable for use as wall cladding, as the fabric can be applied with normal, commercially available wallpaper adhesive. Since the fabric is water and dirt repellent, the wall surfaces are very durable and hard-wearing. In addition, JM AIR FR is flame-retardant, which is particularly important for use in public areas.

In the meantime, one year has passed since the redesign of the house and the owners are satisfied that the concept has worked out. This is confirmed by the high occupancy rate of the hotel and a lot of positive feedback from guests from all over the world.

You can see Mediatex® JM AIR FR and numerous other Mediatex® products at the FESPA in Munich, the international trade fair for screen, digital and textile printing, from 14 to 17 May 2019. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our Booth A5 in Hall G35.

JM Textiles at Agfa Graphics


Junkers & Müllers is continuously intensifying its cooperation with print houses, manufacturers and system providers in the field of digital printing. As a developer and producer of textile printing substrates, the requirements of the market are therefore implemented directly in close consultation with the end users and print machine manufacturers.

Since mid-2018 Junkers & Müllers has been a partner of Agfa Graphics, the experienced provider of advanced printing system solutions. Since the beginning of this year, Junkers & Müllers has maintained a permanent presence in the Agfa Graphics showroom at its headquarters in Belgium. A selection of 4 fabrics from the extensive JM MEDIATEX® product range is on display. There is, for example, MEDIATEX® Easybox FR that can be used as back- and/or frontlit. Its high scratch resistance, excellent crease recovery and color brilliance in the print are just some of the material benefits. The MEDIATEX® Covertex FR, MEDIATEX® Wallcover and Wallcover Effect qualities are also on display. As the product names already indicate, these are 3 substrates which are particularly suitable for wall decorations. All 4 products can be printed with solvent inks, latex or UV. These materials are available at Agfa Graphics for on-site printing trials and system demonstrations.

MEDIATEX® COVERTEX FR – the new product for wall coverings and roll-ups


With its new innovation COVERTEX, Junkers & Müllers is shaking up the market with a product that can be used as a wall covering or roll-up and can be printed with latex, UV and solvent inks.

This new development provides users with a particularly sophisticated wall covering due to the woven PES textile fabric structure of its front side, while its grey reverse hides any colour differences or dirt on the wall behind. COVERTEX is available in widths of up to 510 cm and can therefore be used to cover larger areas with no seams whatsoever. The product can be applied on the wall with normal wallpaper paste.

The innovation is also an ideal solution for anyone looking for a high-quality roll-up material. It is PVCfree, flame-retardant and is offered at attractive prices compared to other products on the market. On top of all this, the grey reverse represents an added highlight as it minimizes light transmission to no more than 1%, thus preventing disruptive light from shining through from behind. COVERTEX is available in widths of 95 and 103 cm which enables COVERTEX to correspond to the most communly-used printing widths used in this area of application. Thanks to this unnecessary waste can be avoided!

Heimtextil 2019


Junkers & Müllers exhibited this year again at the 'Heimtextil', the international trade fair for household textiles.

Between the 8th and 11th January 2019, the JM team was able to welcome numerous customers and interested parties from all over the world at its stand. The stand was exceptionally well visited on all of the days. Junkers & Müllers is extremely satisfied with the positive reaction at this year’s trade fair appearance.

Bloomy & Cool

420687_5 ROLLO BLOOMY BIRD_71572196_xl.jpg

“Bloomy & Cool” is the name of the new printed roller blind fabric collection by Junkers & Müllers. The new prints are presented in a veritable trend book. Page after page opens up a world of modern interiors. Each of the new designs is staged in its own ambience. This is also the first time that the presented motifs are given a descriptive name. “Bloomy Bird,” for example, refers to a playfully lovely design. The name itself like “Nordic Herbs”, “Lovely Cottage” or “Cool Tropical” already awakens the imagination and finds further association in the richly illustrated collection book. The range of designs spans from minimalistic geometric graphics like the “Zig Zag” roller blind, classic ornamental patterns such as “Chalet Chic”, to generous floral motifs as seen on “Summer Leaves”.

The shades pick up on current colour trends such as “Sea Glass”, in finely coordinated blue and green, and soft pink tones in “Pink Blossom.” Quiet, harmonious prints in white, cream and pale grey are included as well. The collection also meets the highest standards in terms of printing technology. Whether powdery chalk textures, soft watercolour gradients, metallic, shimmering glitter effects or a delicate burn-out finish, the material and printing techniques are specially coordinated to every design idea.

A number of the new designs is also available as pleated blind fabric.

Colour Explosion


EASYBOX by Junkers & Müllers displays the most brilliant colours. Whether backlit or frontlit, this textile printing substrate is suitable for all processing forms and fulfils the highest standards.

In addition to impressive printed images using both latex and UV printing, the relatively soft material guarantees excellent crease recovery and does not show any white cracking. Even with latex printing and especially even directly after printing, EASYBOX is proven to be highly scratch resistant. What‘s more, the high degree of whiteness ensures colour-true prints.

EASYBOX is fire resistant, PVC-free and certified according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

For the sake of the environment: STARLET UPCYCLING


For Junkers & Müllers, both the environmental friendliness of the products and the entire production process are important aspects of their claim to embrace sustainability. This position has defined their corporate strategy for years. That's why every fabric in this range bears the Oeko-Tex label and complies with strict REACh regulation standards. The company's returns service, which applies to all of their products, has these products properly recycled after their useful life is over. Now Junkers & Müllers is going one step further. They no longer just process their own fabrics. Instead, they also use recycled waste products from other sources. Just recently, the STARLET FR JM standard quality has been made from recycled polyester. The base fabric is composed of 100% recycled PET plastic waste. Not only does this save fossil resources, but it also helps reduce pollution by avoiding growing volumes of waste. And the proven quality of the final product remains unchanged.