New FR-program

In 2014, Junkers & Müllers introduces a completely revised and expanded package of its FR classics "STARLET" and "STARFLEX".

This flame-retardant material is presented in a clear program of 12 different qualities. This now also includes the article STARLET MEDICARE. The material is particularly suited for deployment in areas with increased hygiene requirements such as hospitals, medical surgeries, care facilities and damp areas. For this purpose, Junkers & Müllers relies on the antimicrobial effect of silver. Silver ions are biologically highly effective against microorganisms and do not exhibit a tendency to develop resistance in the process. The germ-inhibiting characteristic of sliver works sustainably throughout the entire usage period of the product.
The updated and significantly extended colour range is also new. 12 different qualities are presented in 19 coordinated shades. Standard object colours as well as fresh, trendy hues are available.
The product range of more than 120 individual articles comprises roller blind as well as vertical blind materials and covers the rates of transparency semi-transparent, dim-out and black-out. Depending on requirements regarding dim-out and black-out qualities, it is possible to choose between white back and a special pearl-sheen coating.
This allows an individual light design in every room according to the wishes of our customers. The Computer Workstation Regulations, which bindingly regulate the minimum and threshold values for the light incidence according to the respective direction of the windows, apply particularly for offices. This product range facilitates the targeted selection of products with the desired lighting-technical data.
As well as generating pleasant light, the energetic design of buildings is becoming increasingly important. Not least the German Energy Savings Regulation obligates builders to comply with efficient energy consumption.
The qualities with white foam back and pearl sheen coating particularly reduce the total energy flow. This has two positive aspects. Disturbing heat radiation is thus stopped at the window during the day and in summer. At night and with winter temperatures, these materials ensure better thermal insulation and thus help to reduce heating expenses.
The new STARLET / STARFLEX Collection clearly compares the light and energy radiation values in an extensive data sheet.
All products are certified flame-retardant according to Fire Protection Class B1; three of those additionally fulfil the M1 standard.