New vertical blinds by Junkers & Müllers

As well as a variety of developments for roller blinds, panel tracks and Plissé, Junkers & Müllers also introduces a particularly extensive package of new vertical blinds this year.

On one hand, well selling JM qualities are now offered in the market in generously expanded colour ranges; on the other, completely new materials make the choice in the vertical sector even more comprehensive.
Junkers & Müllers is launching a veritable vertical blinds offensive with 85 new positions in two conventional widths.
The focus here lies on flame retardant materials. For example, the JM classics "STARLET" and "STARFLEX" are now available in 19 shades. Many fresh, trendy hues are offered side by side with finely nuanced traditional object colours. The product range of semi-transparent, dim-out and black-out materials is now supplemented by a quality especially suited for the implementation in locations with increased hygiene requirements such as hospitals or medical facilities. The quality "STARLET MEDICARE" utilises the antimicrobial effect of silver.
The product family of textile, PVC-free screens is now supplemented by two new materials also in the vertical blind sector. JM SILKSHADE EFFECT ALU exhibits an extremely defined grid structure which still provides excellent transparency of the product at a quite low openness factor of 3%. On one hand, the aluminium vapour backing provides effective glare protection; on the other it is only minimally visible from the front of the product due to the compact yarn structure. Thus, SILKSHADE EFFECT can also be offered in very light colours at low transmission values of 5 - 8%. The bi-colour effect is particularly characteristic. Various yarns give the fabric an interesting three-dimensional effect.
The product range of textiles with varied opening factors and variations of finishing is now supplemented by a black-out product with colour-coordinated fabric back with the product JM SILKSHADE BLACKOUT. The sound-absorbing vertical blind NOVO ACOUSTICS, which is of particular interest for offices, is now available in even more colours in the new JM Vertical Collection.
Junkers & Müllers expands its product range also for the application in the living area.
The roughly structured product PORTO PEARL is now available in expressive bright colours as well as its formerly known natural tones. This is also updated with a variation in transparent finish as well as black-out quality.
The colour range of the JM classic CARINA is once again supplemented by current shades. Just about any design concept can be implemented with a range now comprising almost 70 colours.
4 new print designs with a total of 16 shades furthermore provide a wealth of creative options. Be it in naturally appearing structure, as clear graphic, stylised leaf forms or as playful typo-design - these prints provide inspiration to a variety of ideas. The effect prints in matt white or pearl sheen on original CARINA colours allow interesting combinations of unicolour and printed verticals.