Innovations 2015

The focus of the new developments by Junkers & Müllers for 2015 is the new roller blind print collection. Fresh new ideas using sophisticated printing techniques are presented under the title "Love it!". Huge diamonds shine brightly and cheerfully in strong colours on a white base. The vividly soft watercolour structures appear hand painted on the coarse CORDOBA roller blind textile.
CALIFORNIA VELVET is a new quality which contrasts the shimmering satin surface of the base material with a velvet-like print. The tone-in-tone colouring lives entirely on the material contrast that creates an interesting play of light.
Another special feature of the new roller blind collection is an effectively printed little square on the ANCONA base textile. The print colour of the minimalist quadratic grid corresponds with the yarn used on the fabric and lifts the special pigment from the background like a weave effect. This design is available in both warm linen shades as well as in cool anthracite.

Junkers & Müllers is also introducing a number of innovations in pleated blinds as well. They include imaginative prints and interesting plains. One innovation worth a special mention is the new, extra slim blackout quality SETO BLACKOUT. With a material thickness of just 0.22 mm, this fabric guarantees elegantly slim pleat packs. This pleated blind with its characteristic non-woven structure has a similar appearance to fine Japanese paper. The white reverse of the material ensures good light and heat reflection. These, and many other product innovations, can be seen in February 2015 at the R+T in Stuttgart.