Super wide aluminium screen fabrics

Screen fabrics are an important element of the large range of sun protection materials at Junkers & Müllers. Thanks to the effective shielding of glare whilst ensuring visual contact to the outside, these materials are particularly interesting for use within public buildings and workplaces, especially materials with aluminising on the back.
In the past, such aluminised materials were only available with maximum widths of up to 240 cm, Junkers & Müllers now carries qualities up to 290 cm in width. Modern office architectures are increasingly characterised by large expanses of glass. The new developments are a sign of the material supplier adapting in accordance with these new dimensions.
On the one hand, the tried and tested JM SILKSHADE D quality is also available in a wider dimension.
On the other hand, a completely new quality is also being introduced. The special fabric construction, in combination with the aluminium backing, ensures a optimum ratio between very high reflection values and low light transmission with good visibility to the outside. And this practically independent of colour. The compact product structure prevents the aluminium from shining through to the right side. This enables us to offer very light colourways with high colour saturation. The care properties are also a key advantage. Despite the aluminising, the product may be damp wiped clean.
These materials, like all other screen fabrics from Junkers & Müllers, are made without PVCs, a free of chlorinated fluorocarbons, softeners and other dubious substances.