Junkers & Müllers GmbH – an energy-conscious company

In view of serious changes in the world, for example, the threat of global climate change, energy awareness is becoming an increasingly significant factor in the economy. Ecologically responsible behaviour creates sustainability and signifies social responsibility for subsequent generations. Junkers & Müllers GmbH is a producer that is aware of this responsibility. Junkers & Müllers has now been awarded the “Energy-conscious company” certificate by the ICG (International Certification Group). This signifies that the company has implemented the requirements of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy via systems for energy-efficient improvements.
Only an attitude that unites economic activities with ecological and social responsibility will be able to ensure constant successful development. Junkers & Müllers GmbH has been subscribing to this principle for more than 60 years. The entire range of products offered by the company is produced solely in Germany and is subjected to the strict environmental directives of the European Union. All items have the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 environmental standard label. This means that they are below the limits for specific substances with inherent health risks. At the same time, all products meet the strict regulations of the mandatory REACh directive with regard to the regulation of use of chemicals in Europe since summer 2007. In addition, the company also does not use PVC on principle. Even screen fabrics can be offered without any PVC content.
Each new investment in the machine pool is designed, primarily to save energy, and thus contributes towards the gentle use of resources.
The environmental compatibility of the products and the production processes is an important aspect of the sustainability claim. Another aspect is ensuring the high energy-efficiency in practical usage in residential and public settings with the use of products specially developed for this purpose.
Junkers & Müllers meets its ecological responsibility with regard to products even beyond the production and utilisation times. A return service is offered for products and the company ensures sensible recycling. In conjunction with EGN – Entsorgungsgesellschaft Niederrhein mbH – the products are prepared as secondary fuels and thus represent a resource-saving alternative to fossil fuels. All JM products carry the RAL seal of quality for Sekundärbrennstoffe des Deutschen Instituts für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e.V.