New roller blind fabrics from Junkers & Müllers

Junkers & Müllers launches another comprehensive range of new products. In this range the new roller blind print collection "Love it!" takes centre stage. However, this title isn't really needed. When going through the new collection, page after page, sample after sample, new worlds are discovered, inspiring with countless new design ideas.

In addition to stylised floral motifs and dramatic geometric designs there is also a new pattern "LINO PRINT", which as a discretely structured and timeless classic fits in many areas of the home. Detailed print effects reproduce the flowing, natural, woven pattern of coarse linen. The colour palette emphasises the warm, comfortable character of this roller blind fabric. It covers both light shades, like raw linen, and the subtle nuances of stone, sand and earth tones. "LINO PRINT" is available in a semi-transparent quality and also as a blackout fabric. Therefore it can be used as window decoration worldwide.

In addition to the new print fabrics, Junkers & Müllers also introduces a number of new plains. The new additions to the well-established CARINA range are particularly of importance. Firstly, the semi-transparent basic quality CARINA is now also available in width 310 cm. Secondly, the blackout options have been increased. Previously one could choose between a white or colour matching foam backing, but now there is also a blackout fabric with an aluminium backing. The special reflective properties of aluminium result in very good light and heat insulation.