Junkers & Müllers is being awarded the quality seal “Innovative through Research” again

“In Germany there are 3.5 million companies, less than one percent of which are involved in research– an extremely important group” according to the Stifterverband, one of the largest private sponsors of research in Germany. “Only those who research are able to make new discoveries and achieve innovation and growth”. By awarding the “Innovative through Research” quality seal the Stifterverband Institution wants to acknowledge companies that demonstrate a particular dedication to research and development.

One of these companies is the textile manufacturer Junkers & Müllers, which manufactures exclusively in Germany.
Whether it be textiles for sunshading, fabrics for digital printing or very special technical applications, as one of the leading producers of technical textiles, the company implements visions. Here the spatial unity of development and production at the site in Mönchengladbach ensures the effective interplay of technical innovation and technological implementation. With the comprehensive in-house machine park, the company has a wide range of textile related technologies at its disposal. A team of engineers develops futuristic products and gives the possibility to realise special product ideas. Inputs and ideas from outside, for example, via international specialist symposia coupled with many years of experience in the worldwide market, form the basis for targeted development work. Over the last few years the company has invested a considerable amount in the expansion of its test equipment. That is why Junkers & Müllers is in a position to carry out a wide range of quality tests in-house. The in-house laboratory carries out material tests, for example, burn tests or test according to the air permeability. In order to test the suitability of the fabrics for specific applications, Junkers & Müllers manufactures test systems in-house. A climatic chamber is used to carry out a range of simulations to test the materials under extreme climatic conditions. At the in-house atelier, designers ensure aesthetic innovations, constantly oriented towards the current international trends. The textiles of Junkers & Müllers are more than just consumables; they are a statement of aesthetics, quality, sustainability and forward-looking product developments.