New honeycomb pleated blinds from Junkers & Müllers

Junkers & Müllers will showcase its very own Doppio collection of honeycomb pleated blinds, featuring a multitude of new products, at the Heimtextil trade fair for household textilesin January. The collection now boasts a huge range of new, high-quality fabrics available in plain colours and with printed designs.

The company's Capri Pearl blinds, which have already achieved success as conventional pleated blinds, are now also available with a honeycomb structure. Depending on the colour, the elegant material shows a subtle shimmer or a metallic finish. The interaction between the pearl highlights and the dynamic fabric structure creates an iridescent matt/sheen effect. The fresh, trendy range of colours is a source of inspiration for a variety of design ideas.
The company's new non-woven blind fabric Fiona will also be showcased at the event. It features a finely nuanced fibre structure reminiscent of Japanese washi paper. The fabric comes in an array of pale pastel shades that accentuate the Asian-inspired look and feel. But it does more than harmonize the room aesthetically: as with the company's other fabrics, the air buffer created by the honeycomb structure helps to insulate the room whilst improving its acoustics.
This base fabric will additionally be used to present two printed patterns, with both the geometric and floral designs adding a playful touch to the product’s honeycomb structure. The colours of these patterns match the pale, powdery shades of the plain colour range, thus allowing the fabrics to be combined for attractive results.
The D shape of the honeycomb structure in all of the honeycomb pleated blinds by Junkers & Müllers ensures that their pleats remain stable and even.