WOW! – the new roller blind collection from Junkers & Müllers

WOW! is Junkers & Müllers’ motto for the presentation of its new ideas for sun protection textiles at the Heimtextil trade fair in January. This year's roller blind collection includes not only a multitude of fresh printed patterns but matching solid colour fabrics and sophisticated textile effects as well.
WOW! offers a lot of inspiration in two large thematic groups.
The first, “ENJOY THE GOLDEN CENTURY,” features a range of high-quality fabrics with extraordinary material effects, such as a blackout fabric with a sophisticated metallic printed design and a colour coordinated reverse. Another printed pattern displays an ornamental motif in a lightly shimmering cream or gold colour, reminiscent of oriental designs. RIALTO DECOR is a new embroidered fabric. Decorative silver threads add an extra sparkle to the extremely fine rep structure of the base fabric, with playfully curved lines coming together to form an elegant surface pattern. The jacquard fabric DAMASK is extremely grand yet also contains a number of finely crafted details, similar to baroque textile wallpaper. It is available as a blackout blind with a width of 305 cm and is also flame resistant. ATRIO is another fabric innovation being showcased at the trade fair. This elegant blend is available in semi-sheer and in blackout fabric in a range of attractive colours.
The second themed group in the new collection is titled “DISCOVER THE COLOURFUL JUNGLE” and certainly offers a lot to discover. The new printed pattern on the PRESTO base fabric is a playful interpretation of the jungle theme, with dynamic brush strokes in vibrant green shades ranging from lemon to aquamarine enlivening the fresh white background. SORISA VELVET is another new printed fabric in the collection. It uses a special print effect to give its luxuriant leaf design a 3D effect, as if the leaves are rising up out of the blind. The group also features a new burn-out design revealing the silhouettes of dainty flowers.
The extensive range found in Junkers & Müllers’ new collection book is sure to provide a WOW! effect and much, much more.