Elegant new pleated material

With the pleated material Rialto, Junkers & Müllers is proud to present an interesting new addition to its in-house collection. The semi-transparent fabric provides a good level of visual privacy while also allowing soft filtered light to shine into the room. The yarns used in the fabric form an elegant horizontal texture with a subtle sheen. The range of plain colours includes not only soft and powdery pastels, but also a cool grey and a deep black. This makes the material a versatile element for complementing a wide range of interior design concepts.
The delicate pale shades of the plain range have now also been used to design a printed pattern in which gently rolling waves meld with the fine pleats of the material to create a dynamic look. Selected colours from the plain range have been used to accentuate the print on a fresh white background, giving the fabric a bright and friendly appearance. Combining the printed and plain fabrics is also a possibility. Be it mint green, lemon yellow or sapphire orange, all three colours of the print inspire the creation of unique interior design.