“PRATO” – the new fabric

80480_10750 PL PRATO_58013182_xxl.jpg

Junkers & Müllers is adding an exciting new look to their house range collection with the Prato fabric quality. It is available as a roller, panel, vertical or pleated blind. The semi-sheer fabric is a subtle yet dynamic melange, creating a special structure and a sophisticated play of colours.
Its lightly shimmering surface accentuates the elegance and quality of the blinds.
The fabric allows a soft light to shine into the room and offers complete visual privacy as well as optimum use of daylight.
Prato is also available with a pearl coating for particularly effective light and heat reflection if desired. This option is already available for pleated blinds. Roller, panel and vertical blinds will follow in the near future.
With a colour palette ranging from soft natural tones through to cool shades of grey, the material can be seamlessly incorporated into modern home environments.