JM Carina Digital BLO - JM’s new fabric for digitally printable roller blinds

Junkers & Müllers is now offering a new fabric specifically designed for use as an indoor window roller blind in the form of its JM CARINA DIGITAL BLO series.

Be it with a company logo for use in your office, advertisements for current products, promotions or simply with your favourite image from your last holiday, this sun protection blind for windows can be transformed into a canvas for your very own individual information and design ideas.
Digital printing is becoming increasingly prominent in the field of interior design on both a public and private level and personalised prints on wall-paper or furniture are currently all the rage. The new JM CARINA DIGITAL BLO series of digitally printable roller blind fabric from Junkers & Müllers therefore fits perfectly into this growing market.
The product's special coating has been specifically developed for latex printing, which uses inks that are water-based and are therefore odourless and environmentally friendly, a prerequisite for interior use on a long-term basis. Fine-tuning the print carrier to suit latex inks ensures that the final print offers a high colour brilliance and excellent scratch resistance.
This blackout blind provides variable shading within a room. It offers a new feature in the form of its white reverse, which acts as sun protection, providing optimal light and heat reflection. The fact that the fabric is 2.00 metres wide makes it ideal for most standard window dimensions. As an experienced specialist for visual privacy and sunshading textiles, the company guarantees perfect hanging attributes and high dimensional stability.
On top of all this, JM CARINA DIGITAL BLO is more than just a roller blind. It can also be used as a roll-up banner or as part of a room divider system.