PURE - sophisticated simplicity

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Junkers & Müllers will start the year once again by introducing a wide range of new products. Here, the new “pure” collection of printed roller blinds takes centre stage. “Sophisticated Simplicity” is the subtitle. And it’s spot on. The new collection book whisks us away to refined, sophisticated living environments. Clear, simple designs are given unique flair with special printing effects and elegant material finishes.
Both classic geometric designs as well as floral and ornamental patterns make up the Cottage Style range. In fresh cotton and raw linen looks, they are Scandinavian cool, yet warm and cosy.
In another theme, understated design is teamed with luxurious surface effects. Shimmering crystalline prints add dazzling details.
The “pure” motto can also be seen in the collection’s colour story.
From crisp black and white to tasteful neutral tones and finely nuanced powder colours, this is a harmonious catalogue full of new design ideas.
New to the pleated blinds collection is, among other things, a print on Opera. The refined stripe alignment creates an interesting surface structure.
Junkers & Müllers also has new products in their plain fabric range. Rialto, known for its quality as a pleated blind, is now available as a roller blind in a wide variety of colours. The semi-sheer fabric provides a good level of visual privacy while also allowing soft filtered light to shine into the room. The yarns used in the fabric form an elegant horizontal texture with a subtle sheen.
Another new development is the transformation of the successful plain Opera material into a flame-retardant fabric for roller and pleated blinds, while significantly expanding the colour palette at the same time.