Bloomy & Cool

420687_5 ROLLO BLOOMY BIRD_71572196_xl.jpg

“Bloomy & Cool” is the name of the new printed roller blind fabric collection by Junkers & Müllers. The new prints are presented in a veritable trend book. Page after page opens up a world of modern interiors. Each of the new designs is staged in its own ambience. This is also the first time that the presented motifs are given a descriptive name. “Bloomy Bird,” for example, refers to a playfully lovely design. The name itself like “Nordic Herbs”, “Lovely Cottage” or “Cool Tropical” already awakens the imagination and finds further association in the richly illustrated collection book. The range of designs spans from minimalistic geometric graphics like the “Zig Zag” roller blind, classic ornamental patterns such as “Chalet Chic”, to generous floral motifs as seen on “Summer Leaves”.

The shades pick up on current colour trends such as “Sea Glass”, in finely coordinated blue and green, and soft pink tones in “Pink Blossom.” Quiet, harmonious prints in white, cream and pale grey are included as well. The collection also meets the highest standards in terms of printing technology. Whether powdery chalk textures, soft watercolour gradients, metallic, shimmering glitter effects or a delicate burn-out finish, the material and printing techniques are specially coordinated to every design idea.

A number of the new designs is also available as pleated blind fabric.