COVERTEX FR – JM’s new product for wall coverings and roll-ups

Mediatex Covertex.jpg

With its new innovation MEDIATEX® COVERTEX, Junkers & Müllers is shaking up the market with a product that is suitable for use as a wall covering or roll-up and can be printed with latex, UV and solvent inks.
This new development provides users with a particularly sophisticated wall covering due to the textile fabric structure of its front side, while its grey reverse hides any colour differences or dirt on the wall behind. MEDIATEX® COVERTEX is available in widths of up to 310 cm and can therefore be used to cover larger areas with no seams whatsoever. The product does not require any dispersion adhesive and can instead be adhered to the wall with normal wallpaper paste.
The innovation is also an ideal solution for anyone looking for a high-quality roll-up material. It is PVC free and flame retardant and offers attractive prices compared to other products on the market. On top of all this, it also boasts an added highlight in the form of its intelligent grey reverse, which minimises light transmission to no more than 1%, thus preventing disruptive light from shining through from behind. The fact that MEDIATEX® COVERTEX is available in widths of 95 and 103 cm enables it to correspond to the standard printing widths used in this area of application, which helps to avoid unnecessary waste.