References interior sunshading

If special solutions are required, Junkers & Müllers is a competent and fair partner. Our textiles are used in many areas. Here are a number of examples of the various usages:

Shard Tower in London
The highly flame-resistant classic Starlet is used in the highest building in Europe, the Shard, or Shard London Bridge - a skyscraper some 310
metres tall and located in Southwark in London.
More than 200 rooms belonging to the 5 star luxury Shangri-La hotel, which can be found in this building, have been fitted with a digitally printable
version of the Starlet series.


Green Building Council in South Africa
Since 2002, the WORLD GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL has developed into the largest international organisation for the setting of obligatory standard for sustainable construction. This network combines the campaigns of more than
90 member countries. Now the GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL SOUTH AFRICA
in Cape Town has moved into their new headquarters and decided in favour of
sun protection materials from Junkers & Müllers.


University in Malmö, Sweden
The university in Malmö, Sweden ”Malmö Högskolan” has been fitted with the
sun protection material Opera Soft FR.


Musée des Beaux-Arts de Marseille
The Musée des Beaux-Arts has been fitted with sun protection materials from the highly flame-resistant Starlet FR series from Junkers & Müllers GmbH.


ONE ONE ONE Eagle Street, Brisbane
With an organic design behind a highly-transparent Structural Glazing Facade, the “One One One Eagle Street” skyscraper at the heart of Brisbane is a real landmark. The highest office building in the city is 195 metres tall with an exclusive location in the Central Business District and is fitted, in
part, with materials from the Silkshade / Silkshade ALU series.


Clarea Alu in GTZ offices
GTZ (German Society for Technical Cooperation) is a globally active organisation promoting international collaboration for sustainable development. It works primarily on behalf of the German Federal government. After head office renovations, the rooms were equiped with Clarea Alu roller blinds. With those fabrics employees are guaranteed a glare and reflectionfree environment when working at their computers.


Federal Court of Justice and Federal Constitutional Court
Offices and court rooms in the new buildings as well as existing premises were to be fitted with new roller blinds. A total of 250 windows were fitted with Arco Alu by Junkers & Müllers. Hanging characteristics were of particular importance in the existing Federal Constitutional Court building where oversized windows required the installation of extralarge roller blinds.


Acoustic absorption with Novo panel tracks
A financial consulting firm from Mönchengladbach decided on Novo panel tracks in order to achieve improved interior acoustics. The immediate effect was exciting. First impressions declared that reverberation times very significantly reduced after the installation of Novo.